Friday, 21 June 2013

SALCTG Research Support Workshop Presentations

Colin Bovaird is happy to report a successful outcome for the recent SALCTG Research Support Workshop, and we thought it would be nice to share the presentations with you.  Congratulations to Colin on a great day!

Research support: new roles, new responsibilities

University of Glasgow Library

18 June 2013

Dr Birgit Plietzsch spoke about 'RDM within Research Computing Support'

Valerie McCutcheon spoke about 'Open Access - Responding to Stakeholder Needs'

John MacColl spoke about 'Aggregating Responsibility for Research Collections' 

Joy Davidson spoke about 'Data Management Planning: an Introduction'


Moira Bent gave a presentation entitled, 'Facilitating Informed Research: Old Wine in New Bottles'

Antony Brewerton spoke about 'Supporting Research: new Opportunities for 'subject librarians''

Antony Brewerton "Supporting research: new opportunities for 'subject librarians'" SALCTG June 2013 from SALCTG

Helen Muir spoke about the role of a research support librarian:- 


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