Monday, 28 October 2013

Management and Leadership courses, GCU, 20/11/13

SALCTG is delighted to announce two half day courses on management and leadership to be held at Glasgow Caledonian University on the 20th of November. The trainer is Lorna Sinclair, MLS Associates, and the courses can be booked as an all-day package with lunch or individually. Lunch (12.30-13.30) can also be added to the morning or afternoon session.

Session 1 Managing Your Time and Managing Your Projects (Registration 0915)

Objectives of half day session (9.30am-12.30pm):
  • To introduce/review good practice and the skills involved in managing projects
  • To analyse how you currently use your time and other people’s time and to develop effective techniques for managing your workload
  • To increase overall awareness of the importance of managing projects and time, and the impact this has on your success
Learning outcomes:
  • To understand and be able to utilise basic concepts in managing, or participating in, projects such as:- the objectives of a project, the deliverables, the importance of the time plan/schedule, key milestones, stake-holder interest, risk management.
  • To understand where your time goes and why, and what you can do about it, learning  practical tips such as:-  coping with urgent versus important work;  planning for long-, medium- and short- term goals; dealing with interruptions; being aware of procrastination; recognising time-wasting habits, timing meetings.
The approach will be flexible to take into account participants’ experience and development needs, with professional input from the facilitator, practical sessions and group discussions.

Session 2 Introduction to Leadership and Management (Registration 1315)

Objectives of half day session (1.30pm-4.30pm):
  • To develop understanding of how good leadership and management contribute to success at work
  • To become more aware of  and understand the different styles and approaches to managing people
  • To develop insight into  how teams work within departments and across organisations
  • To maximise the value of effective communications
Learning outcomes:
  • To know the difference between leadership of people and managing people
  • To know about ‘teams at work’ and be able to  identify the advantages of appropriate team development
  • To reflect on and plan how our own teams can work more effectively
  • To have examined the increasing importance of communications, particularly face-to-face, to maximise impact and influence
The session will be facilitated with a flexible approach to take into account participants’ experience and development needs. There will be professional input from the facilitator, group discussions and practical exercises.



SALCTG member: 

Half-day: £35
Lunch: £15
Full day (includes lunch): £70

Non-member :

Half day: £45
Lunch: £20
Full day (includes lunch): £85



The sessions will be held in Seminar Room 1, on Level 1 of the Saltire Centre Library. Please see the maps of both Glasgow, where we are close to both Buchanan Street Bus station, and the GCU campus map, where we are building number 10, for directions.



Please complete the online form which also has contact details for questions.

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