Friday, 13 December 2013

SALCTG courses are ace!

In November, SALCTG held two training days and we've just collated all the feedback forms. Here are some of the things attendees said.

Management and Leadership (GCU)

Lorna Sinclair of MLS Associates led two half day sessions, Managing your time and managing your projects and Introduction to leadership and management. These could also be attended together as a full day course. Comments included:
  • It was a very instructive day
  • The course was really interesting and illuminating
  • Thought the trainer was very good. There was a good mixture of talking by her and participation
  • A good mix of information, group exercises and discussion took place, my attendance on this half-day course was time well spent

Managing Student Behaviour (Strathclyde)

Ash Charlton has been a popular trainer with SALCTG over the last few years and this is the third time Managing student behaviour has run to a full house. What did they think? Here's a selection of views:
  • Great course – lots of fun
  • Enjoyed the day.  Made me look at the way I approach students, will modify my own behaviour & language when dealing with students
  • Trainer was very personable. Gave good, relevant examples from own experience across multiple positions, all interchangeable with library work
  • The tutor was fantastic, a really enjoyable session
SALCTG is now planning its programme for 2014 and would love to hear your ideas. If you have any suggestions for future courses, please leave them in the comments below and we'll add them to the list for consideration. Thank you!

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