Tuesday, 18 February 2014

SALCTG courses for March 2014: Marketing and Roving

Popular trainer Ash Charlton returns to SALCTG in March with two courses at the Andersonian Library, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Marketing your library

Monday 24th March, 10.00-16.30

The problem:

Academic librarians are often frustrated that many students do not use the library, and those that do don't always use all of its facilities.

The solution:

On this course we will be looking at marketing theory techniques as applied to academic libraries. These include:
  • Market segmentation: how to identify groups of students who are not making full use of the library, determine their needs and create strategies to encourage them in more effective library use.
  • 'On' and 'Off' messages: understanding which marketing messages do and do not work for particular client groups.
  • Marketing concepts: learning how to apply marketing concepts such as competition area and marketing position to reach the maximum number of students with the minimum of cost and effort.
This course will also give you transferrable skills to any other project you might need to publicise or market.

The cost of this full-day course is £60 (SALCTG members) or £70 (non-members), including lunch. To book a place, please complete the Marketing Course form. Your booking will be confirmed by email.

How to rove successfully

Tuesday 25th March, 10.00-13.00

The problem:

Many libraries are moving away from desk-bound to 'roving' services, where library staff are more present on the library floor using various IT solutions to provide the same level of service to students. Whilst this strategy has many advantages in terms of client care, many staff are concerned about the change in role and increased vulnerability they feel comes with a roving brief.

The solution:

On this course we will be looking at how to make the most of the 'roving' role, and make the situation work for you. This will include:
  • Interpersonal contact: Skills to deal with the different types of interpersonal contact that can occur with a roving system.
  • Confidence: How to project (and feel) confidence in representing yourself and the library while roving.
  • Assertiveness: Skills in projecting a confident, friendly and assertive air for controlling interactions with clients.
The cost of this half-day course is £35 (SALCTG members) or £40 (non-members). To book a place, please complete the Roving Course form. Your booking will be confirmed by email.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within one week of the course date will be charged in full.

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