Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Marketing and roving: what users said about our courses

SALCTG ran two courses this week with popular trainer Ash Charlton, who has served us so well in the past. Both got very good feedback - here is a selection of responses:

Marketing your library

What was the most useful part of today's seminar?

  • Thinking about marketing in a library and what our students want rather than what we want.
  • It broke down the process of developing a marketing strategy into small definable steps.
  • Actually creating a campaign at the end.

Any other comments?

  • Really enjoyed the course and felt it was incredibly useful. Also felt it was well targeted and good to have a course specifically aimed at Academic Libraries. Great to talk to other people from different libraries and learn about their experiences.
  • Excellent presenter – really useful day, great fun. Ten out of ten!
  • Another informative, well-structured and entertaining session!

How to rove successfully

What was the most useful part of today's seminar?

  • Reassurance that what I’m doing is right plus some new tips/ideas. Meeting other people from different libraries – hearing their experiences/worries.
  • Information on confidence for rover & how to fake confidence.
  • The trainer’s experience and ability to share his ideas.

Any other comments?

  • Liked the format – relaxed, friendly, easy to participate.
  • Good practical suggestions for roving. Enjoyable, everyone glad no role-play.
  • Enjoyed listening to Ash – good ideas & suggestions offered.

Future courses

We are always keen to hear ideas for future courses, whether with Ash or another trainer. As well as a couple of requests to repeat, or provide follow up on, this week's sessions, attendees suggested:

  • Public speaking.
  • Library design/layout.
  • Customer service.
  • How to deal with difficult/aggressive users.
  • Leadership, advocacy, mentoring.

Do you have any ideas? Leave a comment below, talk to your SALCTG rep or tweet @SALCTG.

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