Friday, 13 June 2014

23 Librarians - Anabel Meets a Milestone

23 Today!

SALCTG reps and their constituency members will, we're sure, wish to congratulate Anabel Marsh on reaching her 23 Librarians milestone - she has posted 23 contributions to date!

Here's Anabel's update:-

"15 weeks ago, the blog 23 Librarians started. Every Friday since then, a librarian / information worker has written about his / her job. The intention was to create a mash-up of 23 Things, A Day in the Life and Library Routes/Roots to benefit those looking for information about a variety of library sectors - particularly students, chartership candidates and trainees. So far the blog has covered, for example, academic libraries in FE and HE, schools, public libraries, law and the NHS. Although focused on Scotland, purely for geographical reasons so that visits might be arranged, the information is universally applicable - I'm told a professor as far away as South Korea has recommended it to LIS students there - so please share the link.

"The milestone just reached is that contribution 23 has been submitted, which means that the blog will definitely be true to its name. Not only that, ​I've also received the first piece for series 2 and I'm happy to keep it going as long as people are happy to write. I have a list of volunteers for future posts - if anyone reading this in Scotland is interested in joining it, please get in touch."
You will find Anabel's contact details on the 23 Librarians blog.

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