Thursday, 6 November 2014

SALCTG held a plenary meeting at GCU, and what did we learn?

Representatives of a dozen or so Scottish Higher Education libraries met at Glasgow Caledonian University today, and discussed the kind of staff training our various libraries needed.  A wide variety of ideas were mooted, from disability awareness training to support for new professionals, and many other topics besides.

We updated one another about regional training sessions that had recently taken place.  Dundee's TAFLIN (Tayside and Fife Library and Information Network) has wound itself down, to be replaced by a new CILIPS Tayside branch - we look forward to their news in due course.  Meanwhile in Edinburgh, ELISA (Edinburgh Library and Information Services Agency) has a new website and is still live and kicking!

And Sonya, bounding with energy as always, showed her visitors the extent of the library space, skipping nimbly up to the fourth floor then working back down again, to give us a bit of welcome exercise.  Lifts? Lifts are for sissies!

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